Frequently Asked Questions

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When are Real Estate and Personal Property bills issued and when are they due?
Real Estate and Personal Property bills are issued twice a year.
The 1st Half is usually issued some time in November or December and due 30 days later.
The 2nd Half gets mailed out in late March and is always due on May 1 (unless May 1 is on a Saturday or Sunday)

How much is a Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC)?
The fee for an MLC is $25.00 per parcel. 

How do I change the mailing address of my bill?
For Real Estate, Personal Property and Sewer bills: Fill out a Change of Mailing Address form from the Assessors' office 
For Motor Vehicle Excise bills: Must be done through the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) or on their website

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?
Yes, you can use a credit or debit card at the Tax Collector's office and online using the Town of Deerfield's website but you are liable for a transaction fee. The fee depends on the type of card you are using and the amount that you are charging. You may opt out of completing your transaction once you find out how much the fee is. 

What if my payment is late?
If payment is not received in the Tax Collector's office by the due date, you will be liable for any interest and fees that may have accrued. 
Real Estate, Personal Property, and Sewer accrue interest at a rate of 14%.
Motor Vehicle Excise accrue interest at a rate of 12%. 
Tax Title accounts accrue interest at a rate of 16%.
In accordance with MGL, late payments are applied to any interest and penalty fees first and then the remainder is put towards the principle. 

Why does the previous owner appear on the top line of my Real Estate bill?
Real Estate tax bills are assessed as of January 1 every year. Whoever owned the property on January 1 of the previous fiscal year will be on the top line. If you purchased the property after January 1, your name will appear on the second line as the "c/o" (in care of). Once you own the property on January 1, the old owner's name will drop off and your name will be the only one on the next fiscal year billing. 

If I no longer have my car, do I have to pay my Motor Vehicle Excise bill?
When in doubt, pay the bill on time to avoid penalty fees and interest. Once paid, you can file for an abatement which will result in a refund. To find out if you qualify for an abatement
, contact the Assessors' office @ 413-665-1400 x106.

I no longer live in Deerfield, how come I received a Motor Vehicle Excise bill from the Town of Deerfield?
Motor Vehicle Excise bills originate from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. If they have not been notified of your address change, they will send your bill to the last known Town of residency. It is best to pay the bill on time to avoid interest and fees and then file for an abatement to receive a refund for the time that you no longer lived in Deerfield. To find out if you qualify for an abatement, contact the Assessors' Office @ 413-665-1400 x106.

I have a Motor Vehicle Excise bill that is overdue and held by the Deputy Collector. How can I pay this?
The Town of Deerfield uses Arthur P. Jones & Associates as their Deputy Collector.
You can reach their office @ 877-378-9265 for current balances and payment options.
*The Tax Collector's office at the Town Hall is no longer able to accept payment once the bill is sent to the Deputy Collector. Payment must go directly to Arthur P Jones' office.*

Are there any Real Estate abatements or exemptions for Seniors over 70, for Veterans or for disabilities?
Abatements and exemptions are processed through the Assessors' department. Application forms can be found on their webpage. If you have any questions, you can reach their office @ 413-665-1400 x106.