Sewer Billing Information

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Sewer Commissioners: Selectboard
413-665-1400 x104

Sewer Usage Fees are billed twice a year and are based on your water usage for the previous 6 months.

Sewer Billing Periods: 
               May - October (Summer)
               November - April (Winter)

Bills are typically issued in May and November and are due 30 days later. 

If payment is not received by the due date, the outstanding balance will accrue interest at a rate of 14% from the due date.

Every year, the Sewer Rate is voted on by the Sewer Commissioners. Click here to see the history of Sewer Rates. 

SUMMER BILLING ABATEMENTS: Single Family Owner Occupied accounts are automatically credited an abatement for consumption in excess of 125% of their own winter consumption. This is to alleviate large water usage activities that occur during the summer months....ex. watering of lawns and gardens, filling pools, etc.

Questions about your water usage? 
                    South Deerfield Water Supply @ 413-665-3540
                    Old Deerfield Water Supply @ 413-773-3359