Climate Change Forum


The Town of Deerfield hosted a very successful and well-attended townwide forum on “Climate Resiliency:  Deerfield 2030” on Saturday, February 29, 2020 at the Frontier Regional High School. 

The goal of this forum was to inform and motivate residents about actions that they can take that will make a difference on climate change and climate resiliency.  The forum featured workshops on a wide variety of topics including:

•    Understanding Climate Change and Its Impacts

•    Homeowner Strategies for Reducing Carbon Footprint

•    Forestland Management and Wildlife Impacts in a Changing Climate

•    Moving Toward Net Zero or Zero Energy Buildings

•    Student Activities to Address Climate Change

•    Climate Resiliency for Farming Activity

•    Green Infrastructure and Green Energy Strategies for Deerfield 

•    Design Charrette for Downtown Vision: Complete and Green Streets

Copies of many of the presenter’s Powerpoint presentations are available below for viewing.