Tag Sale Permits are Required in Deerfield

Available in the Selectboard Office

Interested in holding a tag sale?  You're going to need a permit!

Deerfield bylaws require residents to obtain a permit in order to hold a a Tag Sale. 

  • You may purchase a tag sale permit from the Selectboard Office during the hours of 9AM - 4PM ~ Monday - Friday. 
  • The cost is $5 for each day of your tag sale (if your sale is just Saturday, the fee is $5.  If you're advertising it for Saturday and Sunday, the fee will be $10).
  • Town Bylaws limit the number of tag sales held at the same residence to two in any given calendar year.  
  • The Town bylaw governing tag sales is here.

Want more info?  Call the Selectboard Office at 665-1400, extension 111.