Committee Resources

Assessors' Maps - Search by Address, Parcel #, or Owner

Conflict of Interest - Summary of Laws for Municipal Members
                 - Online Training Program
                 - Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Conflict of Interest Laws


Executive Session - MGL Ch. 30A, S 21: 10 Purposes for Executive Session
                 - Entering into Executive Session Checklist


Municipal Finance - Guide for Town Officials
                  - Includes helpful information about the following:
*Prop 2-1/2* *Cherry Sheets* *Free Cash* *Tax Recapitilization Sheet*
                                  *Roll of Selectboard, Finance Committee, Assessors, Dept Heads*

New Officials Finance Forum - Powerpoint Presentation by DLS
                  - GREAT resource for *newly* appointed/elected officials


Open Meeting Law - Guide & Educational Materials
                 - Open Meeting Law Complaint Form
                 - Certificate of Receipt of the Open Meeting Law Guide


Posting a Meeting - Send all postings to: [email protected] 
                  - Checklist for Posting a Meeting


Town Bylaws - Full "Searchable" Version
                  - Full PDF Version

Zoning Bylaws - Deerfield Bylaws, Chapter 179
                  - Marijuana Overlay District Map
                  - Town Zoning District Map