Mission Statement

The Deerfield Recreation Committee was created in 1998 with the mission to continue the pursuit of expanding recreational facilities and lands, as well as expanding the recreational programs to the residents of the Town of Deerfield. While we continue to progress, we will pursue the future vision of satisfying the needs of our youth, adults and senior citizens. We welcome the residents to continue their contribution to the recreational development by providing comments, suggestions, volunteers and most of all participation. Deerfield's recreational activities are contingent on volunteer help from the community, regardless of age, and all are welcome. Our goal is to provide a well rounded program for Deerfield's residents to utilize.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sue Antonellis 413-665-1400 ext.107
Rob Ackermann Member
Elizabeth Brown Member
Jeff Galli Member
Charles Knight Member
Eileen Skribiski-Banack Member
Rod Warnick Member
Becky Zoly Member
Board Member
Robert Ackermann
Jeff Galli
Rod Warnick