Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register to vote or check to see if I am already registered? 
There are a few ways that you can register to vote or to check your current voter status.
Visit our Voting & Elections page to learn how!

Where are elections held?
All voting takes place in the common area of the Town Hall located @ 8 Conway Street in South Deerfield.
The Town of Deerfield does NOT have different          precincts. Everyone votes in the same place! 

When and where are Town Meetings / Town Elections held?
Town Meetings are on the last Monday of April every year and are held in the auditorium of Frontier Regional High School located @ 113 North Main Street in South Deerfield.
Town Elections are on the first Monday of May every year and are held in the common area of the Town Hall located @ 8 Conway Street in South Deerfield.

How do I purchase a certified copy of a Birth / Death / Marriage Certificate?
Certified copies of vital records may be requested from the Town Clerk's office. Give their office a call @ 413-665-1400 x100 to verify that they have the record you are looking for before purchasing.
The fee is $10.50 per certified copy. 
Payments can by made by the following ways:
Drop box: Leave payment and a note with the Name and Date of Birth/Death/Marriage for the certificate that you would like in a sealed envelope in the drop box in the Town Hall foyer (accessible 24/7)
By Mail: Send payment and written request with the Name and Date of Birth/Death/Marriage for the certificate that you would like to 8 Conway Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373
Online: You may purchase a Birth/Death/Marriage certificate online on the Town's website. Click here to purchase online - Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates can be found under "Town Clerk".  

When do I need to renew my dog's license?
Dog licenses expire April 30th every year. A late fee of $50.00 per dog begins May 1st. New dog licenses are available beginning in January and can be purchased through April to avoid the late fee. They can be purchased at the Town Clerk's office, by mail, or online. Visit our Dog License page for further information!

Do you mail a reminder to license our dog?
Yes, a reminder is sent out every January. It is attached to the bottom of the Annual Street List/Census. When you mail in your completed Census, also return the Mail-In Dog Registration form and payment to our office and we will mail the license back to you!

How do I obtain a Business Certificate?
Business Certificates, or DBA's (Doing Business As), are filed at the Town Clerk's office. The fee is $20.00 and the certificate is valid for 4 years. Forms must be filled out in the presence of Town Clerk Staff. If you are unable to make it to our office during business hours, you will need to get your signature notarized before submitting the form and payment to our office. Click here to find the Business Certificate Form. 

Where can I purchase a pass to Tri-Trown Beach?
Beach passes are sold ONLY at Tri-Town Beach. They are NOT available at any Town Hall.

Where are Town Trash Bags sold?
Town Hall - both sizes
Transfer Station - both sizes
Leader Lumber (Elm St) - both sizes
Neighbors Gas Station (Conway Rd) - Large only

Does the Town offer a trash pickup service?
No, the Town does not offer trash pickup. If you would like your trash picked up for you, you will need to hire a private company. Deerfield residents have the option of utilizing the Town's Transfer Station but it is up to the resident to bring their recyclables and trash to the Station located @ 42 Lee Road in South Deerfield. For more information about the Transfer Station and how to gain access, visit our Transfer Station page!