Article 21 - Inflow Reduction Program

The following Article was passed at the Annual Town Meeting on April 25, 2005, which became commonly referred to as the Inflow Reduction Program:

Article 21

To see if the Town will vote to adopt the following program:

Effective June 30, 2005, all users of the sewer system shall be required to remove all sources of clean-water inflow into the system by June 30, 2006. Such sources include but are not limited to sump pumps, roof leaders, and floor drains. Any sources not removed by that date shall be subject to enforcement action by the Town.

In view of the difficulty and expense for many town residents of making necessary repairs and as a way of promoting compliance, the Town shall establish a rebate program for sewer users. A sewer user can have an improper connection removed by a licensed plumber and have the cost of the removal, up to $500, reimbursed by the Town. Alternately, a sewer user can do the work himself or herself and be reimbursed for the cost of materials upon presentation of appropriate receipts. In this case the sewer user will receive a minimum reimbursement of $50, even if the actual costs of materials is less than that. The Town reserves the right to inspect all work performed under this program.

And further to see if the Town will vote to take from Sewer Reserve, raise and appropriate, take from Free Cash, take from funds available, or otherwise provide $100,000 to fund rebates granted under the program.