Annual Street List (Census)



At the beginning of every year, the Town Clerk's office mails out the Annual Street List, also known as Census, to every household in the Town of Deerfield. This is done in accordance with MGL c.51 s.4.

We appreciate you returning your Census within 14 days of receiving it! This helps to alleviate the cost of mailing 2nd and 3rd reminders.

Voting Notice

Failure to return a completed census shall result in removal from the Active Voting List.

Completing the Annual Street List does not register you to vote. Visit our Voting and Elections page to learn how to register to vote.

Dog Registration Form Enclosed

Attached to the bottom of the Census is a Mail-In Dog Registration form. Please utilize this reminder to renew your Dog's license on time to avoid the late fee that begins May 1st!

Need a New Copy of the Annual Street List (Census)

If you misplaced your census, you can print yourself a new copy: Annual Town Census (PDF)

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